25.6.2018 by

Summertime in Denmark

Summer means, at least for the most of us, more free time to do everything that we didn’t have time to when we were stuck at work. The good thing with Denmark is that there is always something to do here, from music festivals to garden parties. To make it a little easier for you […]

18.6.2018 by

The Invisible Film Star

In the small town of Kokkola in northwestern Finland, foley artist Heikki Kossi focuses on the screen in front of him. Then when the main character starts walking Kossi also starts taking steps, synchronizing his with the character’s in the movie. Fifty percent of the movie experience is sound, however the majority of the sounds […]

13.6.2018 by

The Log Lady – Ulla Jokisalo & Hilla Kurki in dialogue

Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen opened their doors on 9.6.2018 to the dialogue exhibition “The Log Lady – Ulla Jokisalo and Hilla Kurki in dialogue” featuring the two Finnish artists Ulla Jokisalo and Hilla Kurki. In this exhibition two photographers representing different generations gather in one space to create a dialogue. Log Lady in the exhibition’s […]

6.6.2018 by

Kaarina Kaikkonen – You Remain In Me

Kaarina Kaikkonen –  ‘You Remain in Me’ Outside a myriad of shirts in different colours connects the Aalborg tower with the forest surrounding the museum. It almost feels magical how the shirts are flailing high above , the wind grabbing the garments. These shirts, now without a clear owner, were donated to this artwork by […]


15.10.2014 by

5 questions for our newest colleague: Sini Pesonen

About a month ago the institute had the pleasure of welcoming a new member to our tiny staff: Sini! Sini is our new go-to person when it comes to communication (and lots of other stuff), but what really makes her tick? We asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

3.9.2014 by

CHART Art Fair 2014 i bilder – Som om du själv varit där!

6200 besökare, 27 gallerier, 16 öppna timmar, 3 dagar. Siffrorna får stå för min verbala sammanfattning av den sista helgen i augusti, när Kunsthal Charlottenborg öppnade sina dörrar för den andra uppsättningen av vad som kallas den Nya Konstmässan.