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Tero Saarinen Company, Morphed.

ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform is coming to Copenhagen

Ready yourself for a week dedicated to dance! ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform is a biennale platform and showcase festival for Nordic dancers and dance companies. Taking place every second year, the festival location has shifted between the Nordic capitals and has now made it to Copenhagen. For five days, between November 30th and December […]

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Art goes social media – Whom and what to check out?

Social media is changing the way we connect with art. Once considered exclusive and elite, art is now opening up to the masses through blogs and picture sharing platforms. Where artists in the past had to get support from galleries, critics and collectors before anyone could view their work, today everything can be uploaded, viewed […]

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Photo: Dansekapellet

SNAP ME, 20.231 LIKES – a dive into the edited reality of social media

Like me and I’ll like you back? It might come as no surprise that three out of four young adults between 13 and 23 are using social media like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat on a daily basis. These platforms have not only become a way for us to communicate with the surrounding world, but also a […]

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The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki. Photo: CPH PIX

CPH PIX has a lot to offer

CPH PIX, Denmark’s leading festival for fictional film, is kicking off in less than a week. Since joining forces with BUSTER film festival for children and youth earlier this year, the festival is now bigger than ever. From October 27th until November 9th, CPH PIX will bring you an amazing number of international and Danish […]


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5 questions for our newest colleague: Sini Pesonen

About a month ago the institute had the pleasure of welcoming a new member to our tiny staff: Sini! Sini is our new go-to person when it comes to communication (and lots of other stuff), but what really makes her tick? We asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

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Image courtesy CHART ART FAIR/Oscar Meyer

CHART Art Fair 2014 i bilder – Som om du själv varit där!

6200 besökare, 27 gallerier, 16 öppna timmar, 3 dagar. Siffrorna får stå för min verbala sammanfattning av den sista helgen i augusti, när Kunsthal Charlottenborg öppnade sina dörrar för den andra uppsättningen av vad som kallas den Nya Konstmässan.