Artist Residency Swap - ARS


Photo: Alex Perez

Photo: Alex Perez

Artist Residency Swap – ARS, a platform and community, where artists can swap both their work space and home with each other

ARS wants to offer all artists/creatives the chance to take part in a new kind of residency platform regardless of their age, gender, social class or position in the art world. ARS is run by curator  Anni Fahler  and artist  Timo Wright.

The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark has teamed up with ARS to help to launch the programme in Denmark. The activity between Finland and Denmark begins with a pilot exchange programme in the autumn 2019, where the Finnish Cultural Institute will support each swapper with 2500dkk/approx. 335€ for travelling costs. The swap can be 2-4 weeks long, which is agreed upon between the two swappers.

The artists are chosen through OPEN CALL. The open call for the swapping period in the autumn 2019 is open between 11.5.-15.6.2019. The artists will be informed about the selection by June 2019.


To apply the applicants are required to create a profile and listing at and to fill out this form.

The chosen applicants are also asked to attend an interview (via skype or in person) before and after the swap. The interviews provide an opportunity for feedback and important information to improve the concept and create a service, which serves artists in the best way possible.

The Finnish Cultural Institute in Danmark supports travelling costs with 2500dkk/approx. 335€ per selected artist. As you will be swapping your home and studio/workspace, you will not pay any additional costs.

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