Juuso Noronkoski selected as first artist-in-residence for FIDA


The Blind Man II (Hours of Light) , Juuso Noronkoski, 2018.

The Blind Man II (Hours of Light), Juuso Noronkoski, 2018.

Juuso Noronkoski has been the first visual artist selected for FIDA - residency program for visual artists in collaboration with FABRIKKEN.

Juuso Noronkoski works with mixed-media installations where he combines photographs, video, sculpture and text. He is fascinated by the demarcation between images, objects and written language; how each individual means of expression with differing temporal and material qualities contributes to the common conversational space. Noronkoski lives and works between Helsinki and Berlin.

The selection for the FIDA residency was made by FABRIKKEN and an extern jury consisting of artists and curators.

FIDA is the Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark’s residency program for visual artist, operated in collaboration with Fonden FABRIKKEN for Kunst of Design in Copenhagen. The purpose of the program is to build networks between professional artist on the contemporary Finnish and Danish art scenes, and to introduce Finnish or Finland-based artists to the Danish art market. The residency period is 1 August - 30 September, 2019. 

The artist´s statement:

There is a German word for describing the contradictory nature of experiencing time: Ungleichzeitigkeit, non-simultaneity. I think the concept is meant to help us understand our own relationship with the present as experienced by someone else. It also reflects those moments, which often occur when looking at photographs, when the past and the present float around in the mind in such a manner, that it gets hard to decide which one feels more immediate. The primary focus of my work lies in the different ways time can be experienced. In practice I work with mixed media installation where I combine photo, video, object and text-based pieces.