Dance All Year Long

Odense, 2018-2019

The project Dance All Year Long brings dancers and choreographers from Denmark and abroad to Odense and Fyn during a period of one year - between July 2018 and June 2019. During a 14-day stay, each dancer/choreographer will create a new piece or do further work on an already existing piece - all in collaboration with different local venues and institutions. The local audience will also have a chance to experience and participate in the project as there are performances, workshops, presentations and discussions every month, all free of charge. 

Dance All Year Long was created by Location X and the international dance artist Taneli Törmä with a wish and aim to develop and liven up the dance and culture scene outside the “dance metropoles” of Copenhagen and Aarhus and to show the diversity of today’s dance and choreography. Törmä has also chosen the choreographers/dancers invited to the project as well as the local art and culture institutions they were connected with. Dansehallerne takes care of the administration of the project while Lone Nyhuus stands for PR and marketing.

The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark supports the participation of four Finnish dance artists in the project in spring 2019 – Annamari Keskinen, Anne Pajunen and Anna Mustonen & Rea-Liina Brunou.

See all the participating dance artists here.