Tommi Musturi – Håbets Bog

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Tommi Musturi (b. 1975) is a critically acclaimed Finnish artist that has given out a number of comic books in over 30 countries. He is one of the founding members of the Finnish comics collective KutiKuti and in 2011 the Finnish Comics Society awarded him the the biggest Finnish comic award, ’Puupäähattu’ prize. In addition to comic books, he has also done illustrations to magazines, books and album covers.

Now Tommi’s first Danish publication, ’Håbets Bog’ (Toivon kirja) has been published by Forlaget Forlæns. The ”non-action comic”, ’Håbets Bog’ follows, in a really slow tempo, the life of a retired married couple living in the coutryside in Finland. Musturi’s drawings are poetic and his use of dialogue is almost minimal, a quality that along with his laconic humour has drawn comparisons to the films of Aki Kaurismäki. The comic book has received good reviews in Denmark, getting 4 stars from Ekstra Bladet as well as having been called ”this year’s most beautiful comic book published in Danish”.

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Photo: Forlaget Forlæns

Photo: Forlaget Forlæns

















Title of the book: Håbets Bog
Author: Tommi Musturi
Publisher: Forlaget Forlæns
Translator: Siri Nordborg Møller