Summertime in Denmark

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Summer means, at least for the most of us, more free time to do everything that we didn’t have time to when we were stuck at work. The good thing with Denmark is that there is always something to do here, from music festivals to garden parties. To make it a little easier for you to find an interesting exhibition or a good book to read, we’ve comprised the following list that you can check out.

Summer reading:

During the last year many great Finnish books were translated into Danish. So if you’d like to learn some Danish and at the same time satisfy your curiosity for Finnish literature and culture, then check out one of the following books:

Minna Lindgren, Hellere flygte end frygte, Jensen & Dalgaard 2017.

Roope Lipasti, Udflugt med urne, TURBINE 2017.

Riku Korhonen, Lægeroman, TURBINE 2017.

Laura Lindstedt, Oneiron, Rosinante 2017.

Tommi Kinnunen, Lyset bag dine øjne, Rosinante 2017.

Kjell Westö, Den svovlgule himmel, Rosinante 2017.

Kjell Westö, Drakarna över Helsingfors, Batzer & Co. 2018.

Cia Rinne, Notes for soloists, Gyldendal 2017.

Cia Rinne, L’usage du mot, Gyldendal 2017.

Kari Hotakainen, Åndehul, Gyldendal 2018.



There have been some amazing exhibitions with Finnish artists this year. Kaarina Kaikkonen’s You Remain in Me in Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg and Ulla Jokisalo’s and Hilla Kurki’s The Log Lady – Ulla Jokisalo & Hilla Kurki in Dialogue will run the whole summer into august and september.

Kaarina Kaikkonen You Remain in Me, Kunsten 09.05-16.09.2018.

Kaarina Kaikkonen – Bird on a Wire

Ulla Jokisalo and Hilla Kurki The Log Lady – Ulla Jokisalo & Hilla Kurki in Dialogue 09.06-12.08.2018.

Hilla Kurki. In Between Past 2017.

Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art Aalbrog also arranges every Wednesday throughout the whole summer ”Summer lounges” in their garden. Here you can listen to music and different talks, while in the shade of Kaarina Kaikkonen’s artworks.

Jazz in Copenhagen:

The Copenhagen Jazz festival will descend upon the Danish capital city from July 6-15 and there are performances where a Finnish person is active in.

Anna Kruse og Edithband feat. Stina Ekblad 7.7.2018, Krudttønden, København Ø.

CæCilie Norby – Summer Dreams. Finnish pianist Iiro Rantala is a part of the band, 12.7.2018 Skuespilhusets store scene, København K.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival is filled with amazing artists and programs for you to check out.

Complete program: