Kaarina Kaikkonen – You Remain In Me

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Kaarina Kaikkonen –  ‘You Remain in Me’

Outside a myriad of shirts in different colours connects the Aalborg tower with the forest surrounding the museum. It almost feels magical how the shirts are flailing high above , the wind grabbing the garments. These shirts, now without a clear owner, were donated to this artwork by museum guests and is a part of one of two massive artworks that Kaarina Kaikkonen made to Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg.

Kaarina Kaikkonen’s first ever solo exhibition in a Danish art museum opened in the beginning of May in Kunsten in Aalborg. The exhibition ‘You Remain in Me’ transformed the area surrounding the museum as well as the inside of the museum with spectacular installations. Outside colourful shirts connect the Aalborg tower with the surrounding forest and inside you can see a huge installation made out of toilet paper tubes, as well as sculptures and other installations by Kaarina Kaikkonen.

Kaarina Kaikkonen – Bird on a wire. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

“First is the feeling and then I think about what kind of piece of art I could make about this feeling. So in a way all my art is about existence as a human being, and the feelings. How is it? What is the difficulty of being a human being, with all different kinds of feelings”.

Feelings are important inspiration in Kaarina Kaikkonen’s works. Kaikkonen’s father died when she was young and she found some solace in his old clothes. From there on she has liked to reuse materials, such as second hand-clothing, for her art. She thinks that the presence of the owner lingers on in the clothes that he/ she has used. It’s also from here that the title ‘You Remain in Me’ comes from, referring to how her father lives on through Kaarina Kaikkonen and her art.

‘You Remain in Me’ has received a lot of praise in Politiken, Jyllands-Posten, Nordjyske and in TV2nord. The exhibition will run in Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg until 16.9.2018.

Exhibition homepage: https://kunsten.dk/en/exhibition/kaarina-kaikkonen-you-remain-in-me-8121

Kunsten has made a wonderful video interview in cooperation with Louisiana Channel from which you can learn more about Kaarina Kaikkonen and her way towards becoming an artist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWdkylYm9ok

Kaarina Kaikkonen – You Remain In Me. Photo: Anders Sune Berg