ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform is coming to Copenhagen

28.11.2016 by
Tero Saarinen Company, Morphed.

Tero Saarinen Company, Morphed. Photo: ICE HOT 2016

Ready yourself for a week dedicated to dance! ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform is a biennale platform and showcase festival for Nordic dancers and dance companies. Taking place every second year, the festival location has shifted between the Nordic capitals and has now made it to Copenhagen. For five days, between November 30th and December 4th, the festival will present more than thirty new, high quality and diverse performances by professional dancers from both established Nordic groups as well as newcomers. A jury, consisting of members from all Nordic countries, has chosen all performances for the program.

Apart from onstage performances the festival offers several offstage and site specific presentations. The program is specifically targeted at international dance professionals, artistic directors and bookers at festivals and theaters, but some of the performances are also open to local audiences. In addition to the artistic program, board discussions, workshops and networking forums will be organized for dance professionals from around the world. This year’s program features performances by seven dance groups from Finland.


Onstage performances from Finland

Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth: Thumbelina, Thursday December 1st at 3pm, Dansehallerne (for children)

Pirinen, Hindi, Donovan, Walsh, Saivosalmi: Meadow, meadow, meadow, Thursday December 1st at 5pm, Dansekapellet

Carl Knif Company: RED, Friday December 2nd at 1pm, Dansehallerne

Milla Koistinen: A Cloud of Milk, Saturday December 3rd at 1pm, Dansehallerne (for children)


Offstage presentations from Finland

Petri Kekoni Company: Non-Linear, Thursday December 1st at 11am, Dansehallerne (site specific)

Jarkko Partanen: Fields of Glory, Thursday December 1st at 11am, Dansehallerne (site specific)

Tero Saarinen Company: Morphed, Saturday December 3rd at 11am, Dansehallerne


Check out full program here.