CPH:DOX 2017 is almost here!

8.3.2017 by

Next week marks the start of the highly anticipated CPH:DOX documentary film festival. CPH:DOX is the third largest documentary festival in the world, and this is its first ever spring edition, which brings several new events with it to the program.

This year’s festival includes more than 200 films, 75 of which are world premiers. These range from already acclaimed film makers to newcomers on their way to becoming some of the best and the brightest in their chosen fields.

Apart from the plentiful range of films that the festival showcases, there are events such as debates, artist talks and master classes to set the films in a social context. The festival also aims to create links to other related art forms such as the visual arts and the music scene through events including concerts, art exhibitions and seminars.

The special thing about CPH:DOX 2017 is, apart from the fact that it has moved to March, the fact that this edition is where art gives a response to the “(un)reality” of the Brexit and Trump era we live in where populism and authoritarian tendencies are on the rise. This includes heaps of politically charged documentaries as well as new events on the program. Some of this year’s event-newcomers include;

CPH:MEETINGS – a new cultural summit focused on the role of art in society, both political and social.

CPH:SCIENCE – documentaries, talks, debates, special events etc. aimed at strengthening the connection between documentary and science.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg – the distinguished modern art museum will work as a new festival center with e.g. a virtual reality and a design sofa cinema.

NEXT:WAVE Award – a new competition for emerging talent.

Children – A politically engaged program presenting films intended for a young audience.

CPH:DOX will be held 16.3-26.3.2017!


Several Finnish films will be shown at this year’s special CPH:DOX, with a total of 11 films with some connection to Finland. We would like to bring five of these to your attention.

Boiling Point – Elina Hirvonen

‘Boiling Point’, the first feature film by director-writer Elina Hirvonen, portrays Finland in the 2010s where nationalist groups such as Finland First and Soldiers of Odin patrol the streets and angry demonstrators gather outside asylum centers. Populist and extremist opinions are escalating and the political party Finns Party is on its way to parliament with putting a stop to immigration on their agenda. But the situation is not necessarily as bleak as it may seem, at least not in the sauna.

Tue 21.3 19:00 Nordisk Film Palads
Sun 26.3 12:30 Empire Bio

Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

Boiling Point. Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

Craigslist Allstars – Samira Elagoz

Travelling from Amsterdam to Tokyo, performance artist Samira Elagoz posts an open casting call on Craigslist. Documenting all encounters with the diverse group of people who respond to the ad, Samira gives the Internet’s function as a social experiment a cinematic form. ‘Craigslist Allstars’ is both quiet and loud in its exploration of the hybridity of performance and intimacy.

Sat 18.3 21:30 Cinemateket
Mon 20.3 19:30 Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Thu 23.3 21:30 Nordisk Film Palads

Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

Craigslist Allstars. Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

The World – Mika Taanila

The 7 minute short film ‘The World’ is Taanila’s take on ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ (1976) by Nicholas Roeg. This futuristic vision of America in the 1970s is without both gravity and David Bowie, and asks us not to take everything we see for granted.

Sat 18.3 14:00 Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Wed 22.3 21:00 Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

The World. Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

Blessings – Lisa Myllymäki

‘Blessings’ is a 13 minute short film which follows a 16-year-old girl’s use of social media during one day. It is a film in which emojis, likes and hashtags fill the screen and the phone is never far away. But Myllymäki also looks at the meaningfulness of physically present peers and adults in the life of a teenager, despite the ubiquitous world of social media.
‘Blessings’ is shown at CPH:DOX as an introductory film before the Dutch documentary ‘The Girl of 672K’.

18.3 12:00 Bremen Teater

Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

Blessings. Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

The Perfect Selfie – Jenni Salonen & Maryam Razavi

The Perfect Selfie follows Finnish Instagram famous Olivia Oras for one year. Oras is worried about the superficial and prejudiced tendencies that Instagram and Facebook can fuel. She is, however, still aware of the role she herself has to play in fuelling this issue with her own use of social media. With 20,000 followers, there is a lot that Oras chooses not to share on her Instagram profile, but these are moments that we are able to take part in through ‘The Perfect Selfie’. This is a film that reminds us that what we see on Instagram is only a fraction of who someone really is, and invites us to critically view our own use of social media.

18.3 12:00 Bremen Teater

Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

The Perfect Selfie. Photo: CPH:DOX 2017

With over 91,000 attendees in 2015, we eagerly await to see if CPH:DOX will break their record this year.