Mirel Wagner performs at Vega

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Finnish musician Mirel Wagner is coming to Denmark in March. She will perform at Vega in Copenhagen on Wednesday the 18th of March at 21.00.

Singer/Songwriter Mirel Wagner, 27, uses only her guitar, a violin and drums to create her melancholic and dark sound. In her lyrics she focuses on strong themes like love and death. Wagner herself has described her music as a mix of folk and blues. Her sound has been compared to the sounds of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Joanna Newsom and Billie Holiday.

Wagner was born in Ethiopia but she has lived in Finland the bigger part of her life. In February 2014 she was signed by the prestigious independent record label Sub Pop.

She has been acclaimed by NPR Music, New York Times, Time and The Guardian amongst others. She debuted with the album Mirel Wagner in 2011 and in 2014 she released her second album, When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day, which became a huge hit in Finland. The album is nominated for the Nordic Music Prize as Nordic Album of the Year.

mirel wagner 2014 04 akiroukala print 580x386 Mirel Wagner performs at Vega

Photo: Aki Roukala

Mirel Wagner on Facebook:


Facebook-event for the concert at Vega on March 18th:


Folkkär filmmakare hade också mörka sidor

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Reporter Morten Vejlgaard Just tar sig an filmmakaren Matti Kassila, mannen bakom Kommisarie Palmu, i det senaste avsnittet av Den2Radios serie Filmnoter.

Matti Kassila föddes år 1924 i Haapamäki i Mellersta Finland. Under fortsättningskriget insjuknade han svårt och skickades därför hem från fronten. Sjukdomen kom att bli avgörande för hans karriär, det var nämligen under sjukdomstiden som han började engagera sig i skådespeleri.

Efter en kort karriär som skådespelare övergick han till film på heltid. På 1940-talet sågs film som ett stort mirakel, och precis som många andra var Kassila djupt fascinerad av den rörliga bilden. Sitt första arbete i filmbranschen gjorde han som assistent på Finlands Filmindustri (Suomi-Filmi).

Matti Kassila räknas ofta till de viktigaste finska filmmakarna genom tiderna. Han var aktiv från 1949 till 1994 och gjorde många av 1950 och 1960-talets finska storfilmer. Detektivserien om kommissarie Palmu, som baserar sig på Mika Waltaris romaner om kommissarie Frans J. Palmu (1939 och 1940), hör till Kassilas mest älskade och uppskattade produktioner.

I intervjun hör vi Matti Kassilas son Teemu Kassila berätta om sin faders karriär som framgångsrik filmmakare, men också om den mörka sidan av faderns liv där alkoholmissbruket spelade den största rollen. Lyssna på hela intervjun här.

Infertility in focus

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Rewarded Finnish artist Elina Brotherus is showing works from the series “Annonciation” at Martin Asbæk Gallery in Copenhagen. The exhibition can be seen from Friday 20th of February until the 4th of April 2015.

Finnish photographer Elina Brotherus is known for her autobiographical, often serious, photographs. In the exhibition Annonciation at Gallery Martin Asbæk the focus is on a woman in her middle age. As usually, Brotherus includes herself in the works, this time through a very personal matter: infertility.

Difficulty of conceiving is a theme that is often seen as a taboo, and Brothers herself considered not to show the pictures at all. However, encouraged by curator Susan Bright, she decided to release the series of photographs taken between 2009 and 2013.

Brotherus does not want to comment on the works herself. In a press release she writes: ”I’m showing these photographs to give a visibility to those whose treatments lead nowhere. The hopeless story with an unhappy end is the story of the majority. My way of discussing the matter is to give out the pictures, not to give an interview. I’m not sure if I will be able to actually speak about this. I’m still too sad.”

In addition to the works form Annonciation, the exhibition also includes two films. The films Wrong Face (2013) & Francesca Woodsman’s Aunts (2013), shot in New York on 16 mm, will both be shown in the gallery.

Elina Brotherus was educated at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Her early work dealt with subjective experiences in a non-staged manner. In her recent work she has focused on the relation between the artist, the landscape and the model. Brotherus has also said that she does not like smiles in pictures. This does not, of course, make her a sad person, but it makes her pictures very strong.

The opening will take place on Friday 20th of February at 17-19.

46 Annonciation 32 The End 580x466 Infertility in focus

Elina Brotherus: Annonciation 31, The End, 2013, 70x87cm, pigment print from a digital original.

Elina Brotherus

Finnish photographer, born in Helsinki 1972.

Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland, and in France.

Master’s degree in photography from University of Art and Design, Helsinki (2000).

Collective and solo exhibitions in Europe, North America and Asia since 1998.

Awarded with Fotofinlandia in 2000; Prix Mosaïque, Centre National de l’audiovisuel, Luxembourg 2001; Carnegie Art Award 2003, Prix Niépce, Gens d’images, France 2005; Pro Finlandia Medal 2012.

Visit the Louisiana Channel for an interview with Elina Brotherus.

Affective Attunements – Eeva-Riitta Eerola & Maija Luutonen

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081 copy 300x200 Affective Attunements   Eeva Riitta Eerola & Maija Luutonen

Eeva-Riitta Eerola:
In Sight I; Becoming; Brushwood I, 2014

087 copy 300x199 Affective Attunements   Eeva Riitta Eerola & Maija Luutonen

Maija Luutonen: Blue Black Replacement; Multichrome;
Nature Is Relentless, Part 1 and Part 2, 2013

Photos by Linda Lehtovirta

The relationship between the art work and the viewer is interesting – what happens when a person looks at a certain art work. That relationship is being examined in the exhibition Affective Attunements by two Finnish contemporary artists Eeva-Riitta Eerola (b. 1980) and Maija Luutonen (b. 1978) at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard. The exhibition is curated by Professor Leevi Haapala of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.

Watch the two artists tell about their works and the processes behind the exhibition:

Eeva-Riitta Eerola:

Maija Luutonen:

The exhibition can still be seen at Galleri Bo Bjergaard gallery until Saturday 14 February 2015. 

Bold Finnish comedians visit Copenhagen

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Kallio komedibolaget from Helsinki is bringing the top comedians from “the land of the snow and sorrow” to Denmark. This weekend, on the 13th and 14th of February, you have the chance to see them live in Copenhagen.

“Finns and Danes share the same humor. We dare to laugh at pretty rough jokes”, says Taneli Karinen, producer at Finnish stand-up production company Kallio komedibolaget.

He is looking forward to this weekend, when four renowned comedians from Finland will enter the stage in Kallio komedibolagets production Finnish Comedy Invasion of Copenhagen.

“For this gig we chose experienced names. Not only the jokes, but also the quality of the performance as a whole is going to be really high”, he says.

Karinen founded the non-profit organization Kallio komedibolaget together with co-producer Heikki Vilja three years ago. Karinen and Vilja were tired of the commercialized and somewhat boring stand-up scene in Finland. The idea of Kallio komedibolaget is to offer platforms for alternative comedians whose jokes don’t make it to the big venues.

According to Karinen, the stand-up comedy scene in Finland is flourishing and Finnish comedians are eager to go abroad. However, alternative stand-up is no gold mine and so far international tours have been rare. The visit to Copenhagen is made possible thanks to savings from previous gigs.

“The tendency is still that the big masses only care for the biggest names. But the interest in alternative comedy is constantly growing and there are many promising young names”, Karinen says.

Karinen clearly sees potential in Finnish comedy and if everything goes well, Kallio komedibolaget might take the rising stars of Finnish comedy to Iceland in the near future.

“The Finnish humor is dark, even morbid at times, but never too evil”, Karinen says.


köpis 300x155 Bold Finnish comedians visit CopenhagenFinnish Comedy Invasion of Copenhagen: Heikki Vilja, Robert Petterson, Anders Helenius and Aatu Raitala

 13th of February 21.00 at Ungdomshuset

 14th of February 20.00 at Gorki Café Bar