Explore Nordic contemporary music this weekend

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Nordic Music Days Grafik 580x233 Explore Nordic contemporary music this weekend

The experimental festival Nordic Music Days 2015 is taking over a series of unique buildings between Copenhagen harbor and Fredriksholms Kanal from the 24th until the 27th of September. The festival, which is hosted by the Danish Composers’ Society, focuses on all forms of Nordic contemporary music.

Nordic Music Days has as its goal to let the audience explore new concert formats and enjoy music in unconventional settings. The venues at the four-day-festival are everything but conventional concert halls; music will be played among the sculptures in Kongernes Lapadarium, in the architectural gemstone The Black Diamond, in the glass igloo Dome of Visions and at the theatre museum Hofteatret.

The genres range from opera to sound art. In addition to the concerts there will be workshops and a seminar.

11 composers and musicians from Finland are performing at the festival, awarded composer Kaija Saariaho and the hyped experimental band Liima, for example.

Check the list of all performers here.

Är du institutets nya praktikant?

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062 580x386 Är du institutets nya praktikant?

Praktikant Amanda Mannström intervjuar Kiasmas nuvarande chef Leevi Haapala i samband med en konstutställning i januari 2015. Foto: Linda Lehtovirta

Finlands kulturinstitut i Danmark söker en praktikant för våren 2016. Som praktikant får du en unik chans att prova på hur det är att jobba i kulturbranschen och samtidigt uppleva det mångsidiga kulturlivet i Köpenhamn!

Kulturinstitutets mål är att hjälpa Finlands bästa aktörer inom konst, musik, teater, litteratur och dans att ta sig in på den danska marknaden. För att nå en så bred publik som möjligt förverkligas alla våra projekt i samarbete med lokala samarbetspartners, dvs. danska gallerier, museer, teatrar osv.

Som praktikant på kulturinstitutet får du arbeta med olika former av projektverksamhet, från idé till färdig produktion. Du får dessutom ansvara för att sprida information om verksamheten, assistera institutets direktör Esa Alanne, och representera institutet på vernissager, kulturevenemang och fester. Arbetet är mångsidigt, passligt utmanande och framförallt väldigt roligt.

Svenska kulturfonden stöder varje år svenskspråkiga studerandes praktik vid tolv kultur- och vetenskapsinstitut i olika länder. Kulturinstitutet i Danmark har tagit emot praktikanter via Kulturfonden sedan 2009. Ansökningstiden för vårens praktik, med möjlighet till förlängning till slutet av 2016, tar slut den 30.9.

Maila dina frågor till projekt(at)finin.dk, eller surfa in på Kulturfonden.fi för mera information om praktikstipendiet.

Den här chansen vill du inte missa!

Buster Film Festival has something for everybody

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Buster Film Festival is here with more than 130 carefully selected films, shorts and documentaries for children and youth. Three Finnish films are part of the program this year.

Boy Upside Down (2014) is about 11-year old Oliver whose life suddenly chances when both his parents die in a car accident. The police say that speeding caused the accident, but Oliver knows that his father was a very careful driver and decides to challenge the accusation. The film got excellent reviews when it was released in Finland in 2014.

The hand-drawn animation feature Moomins on the Riviera came out in 2014. In search of adventures the Moomins, Snorkmaiden and Little My head to the Riviera, where Snorkmaiden gets attention from a playboy, Moomin gets jealous and Moominpappa becomes friends with an aristocrat. For the very first time the unity of the family is threatened. The film is based on original scripts by Moomins’ creator Tove Jansson, who died in 2001.

The short film Reunion (2015) is about a ghost called Anja. Anja died when she was 12 years old. 30 years later she is still waiting for her brother to die so that they can meet again. Reunion got a Special Mention from the International Jury at the 65th Berlinale.

In addition to brand new productions from all over the world, the audience has the chance to see beloved classics like Billy Elliot and E.T.

Buster is the largest festival of its kind in Denmark. The festival is organized annually in September. Most of the screenings have a low admission fee of 15 DKK. Go to www.buster.dk for the whole program.


Boy Upside Down (orig. Aikuisten Poika)

Saturday 19.9 10.00 at Nordisk Film Palads

Monday 21.9 10.00 at Nordisk Film Field’s

Tuesday 22.9 10.00 at Nordisk Film Field’s


Moomins on the Riviera (orig. Muumit Rivieralla)

Sunday 20.9 12.15 at Amager Bio

Friday 25.9 10.15 at Cinemateket FREE SCREENING

Saturday 26.9 1200 at Cinemateket


Reunion (orig. Tuolla Puolen)

Tuesday 22.9 10.15 at Empire Bio

Reunion Tuolla puolen photo4 by Teppo Högman 580x326 Buster Film Festival has something for everybody

Reunion. Photo: Teppo Högman



Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

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A wide range of Finnish bands and musicians are coming to Denmark this fall. See the list below for some suggestions and tour dates!

Grave Pleasures

Apocalyptic post punk band Grave Pleasures formed from the remains of the break up of Beastmilk. Grave Pleasure released the album Dreamcrash on the 4th of September.

See them at Beta in Copenhagen on the 13th of September.

Mirel Wagner

Singer/songwriter Mirel Wagner, 27,  won the Phonofile Nordic Music Prize 2014 for her album ”When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day”. Wagner performes dark blues and folk songs with a rough voice accompanied with a guitar.

See her at Huset in Aalborg on the 25th of September, at Radar in Aarhus on the 26th of September and, at Vega in Copenhagen on the 27th of September.

MirelWagner by Renaud Monfourny MidSize 580x580 Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

Photo: Renaud Monfourny


Folk Metal band Korpiklaani from Lahti, Finland, has been making music based on mythological texts since 2003. In 2015 the band released their latest album ”Noita”.

See them at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen on the 28th of September and in Voxhall in Aarhus on the 30th of September.



The legendary humppa band Eläkeläiset has performed on most of the big festivals in Finland. They will be in Copenhagen to celebrate Octoberfest.

See them at Warpigs Brewpub on the 23rd and 24th of October.

Elakelaiset 0172 580x365 Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

Photo: Pentti Hokkanen

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Electronic musician Jaakko Eino Kalevi, 29, makes dreamy synth-pop. He has previously performed in Denmark at Roskilde and Sonar CPH. His self-titled album was released in June 2015.

See him in Voxhall in Aarhus on the 25th of October and at Lille Vega in Copenhagen on the 26th of October.

69ae6592 Jaakko Eino Kalevi. By Harley Weir 443x580 Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

Photo: Harley Weir

Noah Kin

20-year old rapper Noah Kin is said to be the next big thing in hip hop. His third and latest album ”Now You See” was released in 2014. Noah Kin has performed at SPOT festival in Aarhus in 2015.

See him at Vega on the 29th of November.

noah 1 435x580 Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

Photo: Amanda Mannström

The Dø

The Dø is a French/Finnish indie pop band founded in 2005. The band consist of singer and musician Olivia Merilahti and musician Dan Levy. Their third album ”Shake Shook Shaken” (2014) was awarded Rock Album of the Year at Victoires de la Musique in February 2015.

See The Dø at Store Vega in Copenhagen on the 9th of November.

227908 7154152831 3385 n 580x413 Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

Photo: André Gabb


Nightwish is still going strong. The band went on their first world tour in 2000 and has had many hit singles in both Europe and USA. Their special sound consists of guitars, flutes, strings, piano and female vocals. Amorphis (FI) and Arch Enemy (SE) will perform as special guests.

See them in Falkoner Salen in Frederiksberg on the 16th of November.

Nightwish2015b 548x580 Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

Photo: Ville Akseli Juurikkala

Von Herzen Brothers

The three brothers Kie, Mikko and Jonne von Herzen all have a notable history in the Finnish rock scene. In 2000 they started to play together. Their progressive rock has been awarded both in Finland and abroad. Currently the band is nominated for Band/Artist of the year in Progressive Music Awards 2015.

See them at Lygten Station in Copenhagen on the 22nd of November.

c Ville Juurikkala 8821 580x386 Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

Photo: Ville Juurikkala


Death metal band Corpsessed released their first full length album ”Abysmal Thresholds” in 2014.

See them at Loppen on the 29th of November.

Children of Bodom

Children Of Bodom, formed in 1993, is probably the number one Finnish death metal band of all times. Their music is a mixture of melodic death metal, thrash metal, symphonic black metal, and neoclassical metal. The album ”I worship chaos” is released in October 2015.

See COB at Store Vega on the 1st of December.

COB2015 32 PIENEMPI 580x357 Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

Photo: Jarmo Katila

Sibelius 150 years

2015 is the anniversary of the birth of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The anniversary is celebrated around the globe, naturally also in Denmark.

Aarhus Symfoniorkester at Musikhuset in Aarhus on the  26th of November.

Sibelius & Sønderjyderne at Musikhuset in Aarhus on the 27th of November.

Karvakos og Sibelius in DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen on the 10th of December.

11064131936 129a464a97 k 580x572 Enjoy some music from Finland this fall

Photo: Santeri Levas

Unknown Cargo

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UnknownCargpPress photographer Eino Ansio 580x387 Unknown Cargo

Photo: Eino Ansio

Unknown Cargo has arrived in Copenhagen. The mysterious gallery from Helsinki will give three exhibitions in Vess Showroom in Vesterbro during September and October.

Unknown Cargo describes itself as “an art gallery of the unknown”. By that they refer to the fact that the artist is unknown to the audience until the big closing party that takes place at the end of each exhibition.

The gallery has been popping up in different spaces around Helsinki since 2011 and the visitors have been very enthusiastic about the concept of visiting an exhibition without knowing who made the pieces. This summer the gallery is travelling abroad for the first time, first to Stockholm and now Copenhagen.

The gallery is run by Laura Porola, Sanna Lipponen and Timo Wright. They all share a dream of democratizing art and making it accessible to everybody. By keeping the artist secret they aim to prevent the audience from having preconceptions and prejudiced thoughts when entering the gallery.

Unknown Cargo is a non-profit organisation. Some of the artists are recognized and acclaimed, while others are still quite unknown to the public. Fair treatment of all artists is part of the gallery’s philosophy and they never ask the artists to pay rent for the exhibition space.

In Copenhagen we will have the opportunity to see works made by Finnish and Danish artists. The works will be shown in three separate solo exhibitions. Each exhibition will of course end with a big party.

The Copenhagen Unknown Cargo will open on the 3rd of September. The first closing party will be on September 18th. The second closing party will be on October 9th and the last one on October 3oth.

Visit Unknown Cargo on Facebook for more information about the events.