Meet the directors at CPH:DOX

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CPH:DOX is on! Three Finnish films are part of the festival program this year. We are happy to tell you that the directors of all three films will be present at the festival. On November 9th the instructor of Monsterman, Antti Haase, will answer questions at Absalon. The screening starts at 19.00. On November 9th you can also choose to engage in a debate about nuclear power and see the film Return of the Atom by director Jussi Eerola and artist Mika Taanila. The screening at Cinemateket  starts at 18.30. On November 11th Taanila will introduce the film at Nordisk Film Palads at 21.30. On November 15th you have the chance to meet the directors of Iron Grandpa, Janiv Oskar and Terhi Romo, at Empire Bio. The screening starts at 22.30. Go to cphdox.dk for the whole program and more information about the festival.

Monsters, Nuclear Power and Iron Grandpa represent Finland at CPH:DOX

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The third biggest documentary film festival in the world, CPH:DOX, is starting soon. More than 200 films from around the world will be screened in cinemas all over Copenhagen from the 5th until the 15th of November. Three Finnish productions are on the program this year.

In Iron Grandpa, by Janiv Oskar and Terhi Romo, the 72-year-old weightlifter Esko Ketola is preparing for his last World Cup before resigning. Ketola is injured before the big contest, but he refuses to give up his dream of competing once more.

Ironman 580x326 Monsters, Nuclear Power and Iron Grandpa represent Finland at CPH:DOX

In Monsterman by Antti Haase we meet Mr. Lordi, Finland’s lost heavy metal son. The movie shows the tragicomic downfall of Tomi Putansuu, who won the European Song Contest in 2006. Five years after winning the trophy the band is in debt and isn’t selling any gigs. Ultimately the film is about courage to be your self, also if it means dressing up like a monster.

Monsterman 8 copyright Illume Oy Photo Kimmo Pallari WEB 580x386 Monsters, Nuclear Power and Iron Grandpa represent Finland at CPH:DOX














Return of the Atom by Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola is about the troubled Olkiluoto, the first new nuclear power plant in the West following the disaster in Chernobyl. The film is a humorous description of a never-ending process. Taanila and Eerola finally finished their project after eleven years of documentation, but the power plant is still not ready.

Return of the atom 580x329 Monsters, Nuclear Power and Iron Grandpa represent Finland at CPH:DOX

CPH:DOX was founded in 2003. Each year the festival aims to present a program that ranges from traditional to experimental, including works by major international directors and new talent. In addition to the screenings, the festival hosts a selection of seminars, parties, music events and exhibitions.

Tickets to the festival can be bought at various cinemas and online. Visit the website for more information about the festival and the whole 2015 program.

They Have Escaped nominated for Nordic Council Film Prize 2015

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The films nominated for Nordic Council Film Prize 2015 will be screened at Grand teatret in Copenhagen on Sunday, the 25th of October. Five feature films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are nominated for the prize of 350.000 DKK. The prize will be announced on Tuesday 27.10.

Finland’s They Have Escaped (orig. title: He ovat paenneet) by Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää is a psychedelic road movie about two teenagers who run away from a juvenile detention center together. The film has been described as a modern fairy tale that ends up in a nightmare. It was awarded for best Finnish Film at Jussi Gaala 2015 and for best cinematography at Göteborg Film Festival 2015.

The Nordic Council Film Prize is an annual prize administrated by the Nordisk Film & TV Fond. The fund was established in 1990 with the primary purpose to promote Nordic film and TV productions by providing support for Nordic feature films, TV-fiction, series and creative documentaries.

See the teaser with all the nominated films here.


They have Escaped trailer from Helsinki-filmi on Vimeo.

Explore Nordic contemporary music this weekend

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Nordic Music Days Grafik 580x233 Explore Nordic contemporary music this weekend

The experimental festival Nordic Music Days 2015 is taking over a series of unique buildings between Copenhagen harbor and Fredriksholms Kanal from the 24th until the 27th of September. The festival, which is hosted by the Danish Composers’ Society, focuses on all forms of Nordic contemporary music.

Nordic Music Days has as its goal to let the audience explore new concert formats and enjoy music in unconventional settings. The venues at the four-day-festival are everything but conventional concert halls; music will be played among the sculptures in Kongernes Lapadarium, in the architectural gemstone The Black Diamond, in the glass igloo Dome of Visions and at the theatre museum Hofteatret.

The genres range from opera to sound art. In addition to the concerts there will be workshops and a seminar.

11 composers and musicians from Finland are performing at the festival, awarded composer Kaija Saariaho and the hyped experimental band Liima, for example.

Check the list of all performers here.

Är du institutets nya praktikant?

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062 580x386 Är du institutets nya praktikant?

Praktikant Amanda Mannström intervjuar Kiasmas nuvarande chef Leevi Haapala i samband med en konstutställning i januari 2015. Foto: Linda Lehtovirta

Finlands kulturinstitut i Danmark söker en praktikant för våren 2016. Som praktikant får du en unik chans att prova på hur det är att jobba i kulturbranschen och samtidigt uppleva det mångsidiga kulturlivet i Köpenhamn!

Kulturinstitutets mål är att hjälpa Finlands bästa aktörer inom konst, musik, teater, litteratur och dans att ta sig in på den danska marknaden. För att nå en så bred publik som möjligt förverkligas alla våra projekt i samarbete med lokala samarbetspartners, dvs. danska gallerier, museer, teatrar osv.

Som praktikant på kulturinstitutet får du arbeta med olika former av projektverksamhet, från idé till färdig produktion. Du får dessutom ansvara för att sprida information om verksamheten, assistera institutets direktör Esa Alanne, och representera institutet på vernissager, kulturevenemang och fester. Arbetet är mångsidigt, passligt utmanande och framförallt väldigt roligt.

Svenska kulturfonden stöder varje år svenskspråkiga studerandes praktik vid tolv kultur- och vetenskapsinstitut i olika länder. Kulturinstitutet i Danmark har tagit emot praktikanter via Kulturfonden sedan 2009. Ansökningstiden för vårens praktik, med möjlighet till förlängning till slutet av 2016, tar slut den 30.9.

Maila dina frågor till projekt(at)finin.dk, eller surfa in på Kulturfonden.fi för mera information om praktikstipendiet.

Den här chansen vill du inte missa!