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Parting shots: Drama reading festival 2011

22.6.2011 by

JUNE 22, 2011 by Lasse

Broken Heart Story. Photo: Q-teatteri 2011

Just a few words about the Festival of European Contemporary Playwrights 2011 before the summer starts in earnest for Yours Truly. We sat through approximately four hours of text readings per day, and drinks in the downstairs bar afterwards. That’s a full day’s work.

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No place for a sober man

2.6.2011 by

JUNE 2, 2011 by Lasse

That's French Films, with groupies. Photo: Sini Pesonen

No rest for the wicked. The SPOT-festival in Århus is no place for a sober man. Too much fun to rest, too many bands to see, and for me the best way to enjoy an occasion like this is to let go of all illusion of control.

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